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We’re a global consultancy firm that helps the world’s most ambitious change-makers.

CEO V. Pathak

Vinod Pathak​

Founder / CEO

Vinod serves as the CEO of Prgenix, setting the strategic direction and policies of the firm.


Pradeep Srivastava


Leverages deep expertise in data analytics and also he is the CAO of Prgenix.

Dinesh Devangan

Dinesh Dewangan​​


Dinesh serves as the CIO and global managing partner of government operations.

About Prgenix


A Global Consulting Firm

Prgenix is a global consulting firm that partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. Our success depends on a spirit of deep collaboration and a global community of diverse individuals determined to make the world and each other better every day.

Our diverse, global teams are passionate about unlocking potential and making change happen, delivering integrated solutions through leading-edge management consulting, technology and design, and corporate and digital ventures.

We are driven by a constant curiosity to get more and better results.

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Our Team of Experts

Mamta Singh

Project Consultant

Environment clearance and related issues subject matter expert.

Akshay Agrawal

FT Consultant

Functional testing and project management consultant for IT projects.

Akshat Chaudha

Cyber Security Consusltant

Cyber security and iOTs project management and consultant for private and GOI projects.

Vivek Prajapati

It Consultant

IT Development, Digital makeover consultant for private and GOI projects.

About Us

We’re a global consultancy that helps the world’s most ambitious change-makers define the future. We work alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition, and redefine industries.

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